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you know you need a website but have no idea where to start

sound familiar?

  • You’ve tried following tutorials and googling for answers but can’t make sense of how it all fits together.
  • You’re tired of scanning other business owner’s websites for inspiration only to find yourself playing a comparison game or feeling like a fraud.

I totally understand!

  • You’re ready to have a professional website that that you can feel proud of, that showcases your expertise as a wellness professional and your personality to attract your ideal clients.
  • You’re looking to DIY your website because you’re a capable person and on a budget but you’re not confident in your tech skills.
  • You understand that a great website is important for your business, but you need step-by-step instructions so you can ditch any insecurities and create your own website easily, without all of the second-guessing.

That’s exactly why I’ve put together this checklist with 10 Must-Have Elements For Your Wellness Professional Website. Now you finally have a guide to follow so you can free up more space, tap into that well-spring of creative energy inside and channel it into an amazing website!

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I’m Taylor and I help wellness professionals like you create websites that help them grow their businesses, build a tribe, attract ideal clients and create the lifestyle they dream of.

A few years ago I was working 9-5, plus overtime and a 2-hour commute, as a web developer for a large ad agency in Los Angeles while doing my yoga teacher training on the weekends. After I started teaching yoga I felt a huge shift and realization of how I wanted to spend my life.

I decided to quit my corporate job to start my own web design business so I would have more time to dedicate to my yoga practice and sharing yoga with my community.

Now I’m combining my love of yoga, my intention as a yoga teacher and my years of experience designing websites to create the perfect resources for wellness professionals. I’m so grateful to have grown a successful business where I help other intentional entrepreneurs transform their vision into an enlightened website.

I can’t wait to help you create your website, too!

One Down Dog has been voted Best Yoga Studio in LA and Goop calls them “the east side’s most awesome yoga studio.”

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“I love Taylor. Yep, love. Since launching, we’ve seen an increase in traffic and have received the most wonderful feedback from our students. I recommend working with Taylor all day everyday. She’s the best!”

Jessica Rosen

Yoga Studio Owner, One Down Dog

Suzan was looking to redesign her website so it would look great when she shopped her new book around to publishers. Her newest book, Yoga Mind, was published this year.

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“Taylor takes an intimidating project–the building of a brand through a top-notch website–and turns it into a purely positive creative process. I don’t just have a website, I have an online home people love to visit. I truly believe her Cinderella update to my site helped me get my book deal! If you’re looking to up your game and put your best online foot forward, she is the answer.”

Suzan Colón

Author, Yoga Mind & Former Senior Editor of O, the Oprah Magazine

Taylor is seriously a dream to work with. That sounds dramatic but it is true. She’s so knowledgeable about her craft but doesn’t make you feel silly when you’re asking questions. So grateful to work with her, I love my new internet home!”

Katie Dalebout

Author and Podcast Host, Let It Out

Everyday your ideal clients are searching for what you have to offer. Give them a place to find you.

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THUMB 10 must have elements for your wellness professional website